Crystal Reactor
Plutonium Reactor
Deuterium Reactor
Iridium Reactor

There are 4 types of Reactors.  Each type takes a different resource to fuel the reactor. 

At level 10 you can research  reactor tech to gain your first reactor.

Every 10 level intervals (20,30,40,50)  Another level of reactor management is availible to be researched, meaning you can construct an additonal reactor. Every additonal reactor has to be built from scratch - The newly constructed reactor's upgrades will start at level 1. However the defences from main research (laser,cannon, & missiles) is shared between all reactors.

It is highly recomended that you place your reactor(s) inside your guild HQ, as it is more safe, and if you level reactor missiles, these can help defend during raids, and guild defenses can be added to safeguard your reactor.

If your reactor is destroyed you will lose 5% of all stored uranium that isn't protected in your safe.  You will also lose 30% of all conversion stock.  The attacking player will also receive a 1000 uranium fixed bonus.

How this is affected by the Anti-Looting Research and Reactor Looting Research is still unclear.  Updated information to come.

Simply select your reactor, and then select your reactor to research different Upgrades. Here are the following researches, related to Reactors.

Reactor Level
Reactor Fuel Stock
Reactor Hit Points
Reactor Uranium Stock
Reactor Experience Generator
Reactor Uranium Safe