Gems can be used for additional attributes when equipped on the ship. Gems can be aquired by killing any mob troughtout galaxy two to galaxy seven. The higher level mob you kill, the chance of getting a gem above level 0 is higher. You can also buy for 200 stars 15 random gem attributes & levels which can be done by clicking in the gem inventory the tab that says "Purchasing gems".

You pick up gems automatically when they drop, you can't trade or drop them. You can neither delete them.

Gem inventory

Gem Inventory of a level 32 raider

Special gems have x3 bonus than normal gems.

You can get gems killing aliens, bosses... And you can get special gems in alien payback, shop there whit xp and shop there whit pvp points

Crafting & Gem level capEdit

The lowest level gem is 0, it doesn't give any attribute advantages. But it can be crafted using 5 of the same gem attribute into a level 1 gem. You can craft 5 level 1 gems to a level 2 gem and you can keep doing this until you've reached level 7 which is the highest gem level for all the gems.

You can craft 3 level 1 special gems to a level 2 gem, 3 level 2 special gems to a level 3.. Max are lvl 7 special gems.

Special gems added by  »фŁôřĐĐąяĸф« (INT and evolutiin beta player)

Gem types & AttributesEdit

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